What we offer

Mobile dental facility (ambulance)

Provides 24-hour modern dental treatment on site subject to preliminari booking for the Black sea coast area.
At the following contact numbers :
0899 12 69 72
0878 12 69 73
0888 68 09 03

All types of dental manipulations offered, using new modern dental equipment for all age groups, via the National Health Fund or not.

The ambulance also provides services for individuals with limited scope of movement and disabled individuals. The ambulance is Mercedes Sprinter - mobile dental room ( on wheel) completely furnished with new dental equipment, full range of tools, a monitor with intraoral camera, ultrasonic equipment, a powerful air compresor, an autoclave, aspiration system, a mobile airconditioner, ventilation system, clean and wastewater tanks, onboard power generator, hydrofore pump, biological WC, a full set of dental handpieces and turbines, an integrated TV system, a platform for wheelchairs, a photopolymer lamp and a dental nurse module

Orthopedic dentistry

The ambulance is provided with a central lock system and security alarm, an integrated GPS and full all risk insurance cover. It has been completely licenced by all health institutions on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and a work permit as dental ambulance for the entire territory of the country.
The ambulance has passed complete technical inspection and service. It is provided with civil liability insurance cover and auto assistance. The ambulance is completely furnished for operation on both 220 V and power generator and complete water supply.

The dental office offers dental tourism for patients of all nationalities who may choose the Republic of Bulgaria as tourism destination

Dr. Ivanov is the official representative for the implant technology using basal titanium implants for the Bulgarian seaside area. This technology is guaranteed a 100% and is implemented quickly and efficiently in Varna, and for more complicated cases - in Sofia.

Personal information

I speak English language, aged 45, dentist with 21 years of continuos expirience in this profession. My duty is to provide you with full details of your condition, subsequent treatments and possible alternatives.

I will demonstate to you similar cases and the effect of treatment will be visualized. You as my patient shall have the right to demand the maximum depending on your condition. Perfect anesthesia is the logical start. It can ensure your trust and calmness.


Primary examination is important for diagnostics and establishing fair, deep and efficient relations. The diagnostic equipment is high standard equipment. We collaborate with other dentistry specialists and external partners.